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Diabetes Centers

yellow color tabletsDiabetes is a life-long disease that needs to be monitored properly. At Medical Center Pharmacy, we offer full-service diabetes centers at select locations for our diabetic patrons. At these diabetes centers, you can expect:

Diabetes Meter Training

  • Initial Training
  • Follow-up calls to patient are made to evaluate progress with physician’s orders.
  • Appointments are scheduled for a follow-up with the Diabetes staff.

Fully Trained Diabetes Staff

  • Our staff provides support to the physician with education and follow-up with the patient for compliance
  • Information is provided on diet, exercise and support groups.

At Medical Center Pharmacy, we also provide diabetic supplies and accessories including Blood Glucose Meters, Books and Educational Materials in English and Spanish, Injectors, Wound and Foot-Care Aids, Specialized Diabetes Foods and Supplements, and more!

For more information regarding our Diabetes Centers, you can get a hold of us by calling 888-615-5330 or 619-262-4373.